How to Browse in Text Only Mode in Chrome / Moziila

What to do if you want to look at pictures without spending a dime:- When surfing the web, it’s impossible to avoid coming across several photos. However, not all of them will be equally helpful to you. You tend to disregard most of them. Loading images automatically in browsers uses a lot of data and increases network traffic, neither of which is ideal. This also contributes to more rapid web navigation. You may disable automatic loading in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other popular browsers. So, let us lead you to the switches you must turn to accomplish your goal.

If Google Chrome is your preferred web browser, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Starting with Chrome Browser.
Step 2. Type chrome:/settings/content into the address bar.
Step 3. select Images to click on.

Configuring Chrome’s Image Settings
Step 4. Choose the option that says “Do not allow sites to display photos.”

Avoid Sites can allow images

So long. You may now use Chrome’s image-free mode or Text Only mode to explore any site’s content without worrying about being bombarded by visuals.

How to Disable Images and Enable Text Only mode in Mozilla Firefox

Step 1:In order to access the configuration settings for Firefox, open the browser and enter about:config into the address bar.

How to Disable Images and Enable Text Only mode in Mozilla Firefox

Step 2: Your warranty status will be communicated to you via a pop-up window.
In order to access the Settings page, please confirm that you want to continue by clicking Accept.

Step 3: There are now a variety of settings that may be adjusted from the preferences page.
Simply type “permissions.default.image” into your browser’s search box.

If you want to prevent any and all photos from showing up, step four is to double-click the value and change it to 2.
Accepted By Default in Firefox: Images

Now if you go to any website you’ll notice that pictures don’t automatically load.

I really hope this information helps. Don’t waste time; start conserving bandwidth immediately so you can experience lightning-fast page loads.

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