Best 8 Working Proxy Sites List Compilation

Proxy sites are quite helpful for bypassing filters and accessing prohibited content online. The benefits of using proxy sites extend beyond accessing otherwise-blocked content; they also allow users to surf the web anonymously. This is the major and crucial usage of proxy websites, which is favored by many.

YouTube, Facebook, etc. are just some of the sites that companies and schools often block in the name of increased productivity, fear of dissent, or some other authoritarian motive. In all the specified cases, the use of proxy websites becomes an emergency issue for searching the prohibited websites. They aid the user in accessing otherwise inaccessible websites, and their use does not expose the user’s identity or other personal information. They truly behave as providers for accessing but in a concealed form.

Top 12 Proxy Sites on Earth By Alexa


dont filter

A popular proxy website that helps in protecting the personal details of the user is the dontfilter website. Here the user can make a selection that indicates whether or not encryption is optional. The dontfilter website’s address bar provides this choice, which is what sets the website proxy experience apart from others.


Another popular proxy site that shall remain nameless is, which offers users a streamlined experience across the web. Overall, it’s a lot like HMA as a system or method. To use a proxy, first type the website’s address (or url) into the address bar. Next, choose a proxy from the list of available proxies. When employing this technique, both the user’s IP address and the URL he is currently viewing are protected and strengthened. It’s also useful for keeping the user’s identity secret.



HMA is widely considered to be one of the top proxy websites because it offers not one but two distinct sorts of services. The first option is the HMA VPN, and the second is a website that offers free proxy services. Because of its position, using it is a fairly simple process. Because it is based in the United Kingdom, users in that country tend to frequent this website more than others. The address bar is relatively simple to use, and it offers the possibility of gaining access to websites that have been prohibited without revealing the user’s IP address to any third parties. Options such as Secure Sockets Layer certification and the most recent Features are also available.

Users can protect their anonymity when using this proxy service. The primary purpose of the widely recognised and praised website is to safeguard the personal information of its visitors. The user’s IP address is hidden and protected from prying eyes by the website, allowing them to visit any site they’d like without worrying about being followed. In addition to being quick and reliable, email also allows you to communicate with others without really revealing your identity.


New Project8

BlewPass is another well-known and really simple-to-use top proxy website. It’s another common method for accessing otherwise inaccessible sites online. It creates a wall between the user and the websites he visits, allowing him to remain anonymous online. This site makes it easy to access YouTube content that would ordinarily be inaccessible. To avoid detection while accessing forbidden or restricted websites, users might “mark” their browser history with identifying information.



kProxy is another another top proxy site that rounds out the best ones below. It was established in 2005. This website supports the secure https protocol. It’s not only easy to use, but it’s also quite practical and manageable. kProxy aids in hiding the user’s true identity, making him or her more secure online.

It is widely recognised as the best proxy site available, capable of bypassing any internet restrictions on demand. In fact, this site also makes it simple to access a wide variety of youtube-related webpages. The user is free to access the full breadth of the Internet without being stymied by any restrictions based on their IP address, thanks to the user-friendly interface provided. Simply typing in a desired URL into the browser’s address bar and clicking away allows the user unrestricted access.

Newipnow, a widely used proxy website, allows users to quickly access any website they choose. The user’s location and IP address can both be hidden with this. Using the site’s user-friendly tools and apparatuses, the user is able to conceal his or her identity, which in turn protects his or her location and keeps the user from being stalked.

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