Best Useless Websites That Definitely Waste Your Time

It’s a beautiful thing when you find a website that actually wastes your time. Why? Because it is not only funny but also very educational. Did you ever wonder why there are so many articles on how to save money by wasting your time? I never really thought about it before until I found my first “useless” website of course.

If you want to waste your time, then go to the best useless websites that i found around. This site contains sites that are not even useful but can take your time by making a search from Google or other sites like Wikipedia and many more sites etc. The point of this website is to waste your time by browsing the best useless websites and reading some articles on how to save money by wasting your time. If you are looking for fun stuff to do, then you have come to the right place!

1. A passive-aggressive password machine

Nothing motivates you to create a safe and secure password like a machine harshly evaluating your selections.

2. Bouncey bouncey cats

It goes without saying that you should press the “MAKE IT RAIN” button in the top right corner (but refrain from dialing the RSPCA).

3. Aww

To be honest, we’re not sure what to say about that one.

4. Switchin’ it up

Sometimes blue, other times red. That’s really how easy it is.

5. Amazon Dating

Yes, there is such a thing. Amazon Dating is a parody dating site where individuals may “buy” their ideal date. It was created by a couple of procrastinating content writers. Even prime delivery is available, hehe.

6. Don’t. Touch. The. Mouse

The two-minute countdown will restart if you do this.

7. Smashing

Let that rage out.

8. Literally. So. Pointless

Here’s a website dedicated to presenting you useless websites if you’ve had enough of spending your time on the previous 29 websites.

Get return to work, revision, or daily life now.

9. Art attack vibes

Neil Buchanan would be proud.

10. Pug in a rug

Because, you know, there can never be too much pug content.

11. Good doge

Isn’t the internet a strange place?

12. Caught in the rain

Just the tranquil sounds of a downpour, if you prefer that.

13. The best game ever

We can play games like this for hours now. solid rock.

14. Endless pug love

Yes, that is a pug licking the inside of your computer screen. What then?

15. Choon

That’s a lot of badgers.

16. Unbearable to watch

absolutely intolerable This might be a form of torture.

17. Keep on clicking…

God is this satisfying, though it’s unclear why the website is called “Koalas to the max.”

18. Y’know when you just want to slap someone?

What about giving them an eel slap?

19. A game involving cats

The purpose of this game is literally unknown to us as well, but the soundtrack is kind of charming.

20. Always good to check

Googles the large hadron collider (just so you know, it’s the biggest machine in the world and the largest and highest-energy particle collider).

21. For unpredictable types

Did anybody else click this link eight different times just to make sure it actually did show up a different colour? No? Just us then.

22. Sometimes you just don’t know

On December 25, has anyone bothered to check this website? Or are we all preoccupied with turkey anticipation and Baileys?

23. You are now being redirected

If it weren’t so funny, this would be quite aggravating.

24. DO NOT CLICK THE BLACK BOX. (We warned you).

We did indeed inform you.

25. Technicolour dogs

Even though this pointless website lacks interactive features, it does include several animated dogs all moving in the same direction. Who actually benefits from this?

26. If you love cats

Why do memes about cats exist? We promise you’ll click “show me another cat” for hours.


Here is the list of the useless website where you can waste your time easily .just open it and keep your mind in the wastage material. if you have time to be wasted then you need to 0use these we0bsite and if you have more website then comment below.

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