10 Best Free (VPN) Services of 2023

To link two computers together using a public network, such as the Internet, and then to extend that connection to a third machine. When you do this, it’s as if the two computers are actually connected over a private network, allowing for seamless file sharing and all the other perks of such a setup. You obtain the benefits of a private network’s functionality and security through this setup, and you also have an upper hand because both systems employ Private Network traffic control policies.

Why VPN?

Most advanced Internet users use virtual private networks. When handling sensitive personal information like your address, bank account, card numbers, etc., a VPN is suggested. As many of you know, countries like the US and UK have been accused of tracking and storing user data and monitoring their traffic and internet access to group people into convenient categories. The recent CIA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, disclosed several facts, proofs, and other papers that showed that the CIA was tracking the online activity of practically every US citizen and inhabitants of key developing countries. This alerted many users. This is one of the main reasons users migrate to VPNs.

A VPN lets you set up a proxy server to hide your IP address and location from network snoops.

VPNs can evade geoblocks and other censorships. Change your location to access services like HULU, NETFLIX (usa), and others that are only available in certain countries.

Choose the best VPN service for your needs from the list below.

Note: Most of the VPN services listed are free, but most have one or two restrictions that limit your network’s capabilities. Some will have speed constraints, others download limits. Pop-up advertising in some services might get bothersome. Paying a little monthly fee to your VPN provider removes any restrictions. This ensures complete network use.

Best VPN services


Another popular internet security programme is ProXPN VPN. ProXPN VPN is free software that protects you against hackers, malware, and internet tracking. After installation and connection, the software routes all browser and application traffic through the VPN. If you want all-around security, proXPN VPN is ideal. The free software restricts you to using one of its US-based servers to access the internet. The service also has a speed limit of 300kbps, which is respectable but unsuitable for those who like rapid connections. With proXPN VPN’s premium membership, you may choose any location to avoid geo-restrictions and enjoy lightning-fast speeds. The app instals effortlessly on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Premium account: $6.25/month

SecurityKiss Vpn

Another secure VPN is SecurityKiss. SecurityKiss VPN is best if you don’t mind utilising a restricted amount of data daily. You can surf at your normal speed until you use your IP’s daily MB. SecurityKiss VPN lets you connect without an account or registration, which is great. The free, green version can be downloaded and installed on your PC. Run the software and click Connect after installation. You can securely browse the Internet after the software establishes a VPN connection. The main issue is the free version’s 300mb/day general usage limit. After using your daily data limit, the VPN won’t work till the next day. The free SecurityKiss VPN is suggested if you can weigh its benefits and cons. Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS support the software.

Premium account $3.28/month


Every free VPN service has some restrictions to promote its paying version. The VPN software is designed this way to promote its paid version and force users to buy it to use all its features.

Betternet is one of the rare services with no premium version. No ads, speed limits, or restrictions. No ads, fast speeds, and no time limit. Betternet protects your identity and location for free on any server in the world. Betternet doesn’t require registration. Simply download and install Betternet VPN to access the internet. Betternet is the best free VPN with no hidden fees and no catches to ensure a great browsing experience. Betternet supports all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

SpotFlux VPN

SpotFlux VPN is one of the oldest and most dependable VPNs. Most users use it to protect their PCs against malware and tracking. It allows free geo-restricted website access. SpotFlux VPN gives most requested services for free. One of the most downloaded free VPN softwares. SpotFlux does not limit bandwidth, therefore you can enjoy fast speeds. Second, there is no data limit. If you wish to stay anonymous, use this programme. It’s sought-after software. SpotFlux VPN immediately establishes a secure connection upon PC startup, saving you time. This is wonderful because most software requires manual startup and VPN configuration. SpotFlux VPN is easy-to-use.

Change your location, prevent ads, compress data to conserve bandwidth, and more with the premium account.

HideMe Vpn

This is one of my favourite underappreciated services. Simple, sweet, and effective. Its flashy features don’t affect performance or connectivity, making it desirable. The programme offers paid and free memberships with different benefits. HideMe VPN’s free service outperforms competitors for several reasons. The free service gives only three locations, but that should be enough to mask your identity, secure communications, and overcome geo restrictions. HideMe VPN’s free membership delivers higher speed than its competitors, which is unique in VPN software. VPN services benefit from HideMe VPN’s ad-free free version. The best aspect about this programme is that it does not retain logs of your activity, so it cannot read encrypted data sent and received over the service before the receiver accesses it. HideMe VPN is one of the finest free VPN services since it offers a major security feature that few others have. It works on Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. The developer promises Windows phone support shortly. HideMe VPN is the best free VPN service.


One of the greatest free VPN softwares available today. CyberGhost is the best free VPN service and can compete with most commercial ones. CyberGhost. Most free VPN providers track your behaviour, which negates the point of using a VPN to hide your identity. CyberGhost is one of the few free VPNs that does not track your activities or traffic. Ads disturb the free service. However, an ad filter or blocker will block CyberGhost Ads. CyberGhost limits download speed. CyberGhost’s commercial edition promises five times quicker speeds than the free account, making it a highly attractive offer. Overall, CyberGhost is one of the best free and paid VPN services, and you can set up your VPN network with any version of the programme. It is the most recommended free VPN programme today.

Premium account $2.91/month

Hotspot shield VPN

Even the most seasoned internet users probably know that Hotspot Shield is one of the best free VPN services out today. Free software that does what you need it to accomplish without any hidden fees is extremely rare. Software like Hotspot Shield VPN is a good example. Hotspot Shield VPN is a reliable service that has been used by over two million people around the world with no reported issues. The software’s minimalistic design makes it a breeze to administer in day-to-day tasks. The only negative of using Hotspot Shield is the interruptions caused by sponsored ads. Hotspot Shield is the right programme for you if you don’t mind this. If you’d rather not be interrupted by advertisements, you can download one of many free programmes that do just that. The VPN service’s adaptability is further bolstered by the fact that its client software is compatible with all of the most popular operating systems.

Extra secure connections and servers, no advertisements, and other perks come standard with premium membership.

TunnelBear VPN

As a rule, TunnelBear VPN is what results when you cross the adorableness of a grizzly bear with the power of VPN software. For those looking for a VPN that is both simple and cute, look no further. When you install TunnelBear, you gain access to a fantastic VPN network and a sleek, modern UI. You may use TunnelBear without worrying about prying eyes or malicious assaults because it provides the highest level of anonymity possible. The data cap is the TunnelBear’s only limitation. Free users of the software have access to 500 MB of data for an entire month. For those who feel that 500 MB is insufficient, remember that you may earn an additional 1 GB each month by simply tweeting about the programme. If you only want to use your VPN for a few specific things, 1.5 GB should be sufficient. A paid subscription is always an option for those who need more storage space or more advanced tools. There are versions of the app for all the major platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS (extension).

HideMan VPN

There are both paid and free options available at HideMan VPN, making it even another top-tier VPN provider. If you’ve been searching for a VPN that provides all the benefits of a premium account for no cost, then HideMan VPN is the service for you. You can select your preferred server location and bandwidth, and there are no limits on how much data you can download. Since there aren’t many great free VPN options, this makes HideMan VPN an attractive option.

However, there is a catch; you can only use this service for a maximum of seven hours every week. You have seven hours per week of free HideMan VPN use. If you wish to make the software’s free trial period run the full week, you can only use it for an hour per day, or seven total hours. If you use up your weekly allotment of time before the week is out, you won’t be able to use the service again until the next week has ended and the programme has reset the time restriction. If you use more than your weekly allotment of HideMan VPN service hours, you can purchase more at any time. The software’s wide compatibility makes it useful for a wide range of devices. Android users, too, can get more playtime by fulfilling offers like this, which may include doing things like viewing commercials or installing free apps.

OkayFreedom VPN

German software is dependable. German-developed Ableton music production software is utilised by every music producer worldwide. OkayFreedom is another German VPN. The software site proudly proclaims that it was produced in Germany for German software fans. It has free and premium versions. The free version includes sponsored advertising that appear occasionally. The free edition also has a 500 MB data cap, which may be low for certain users. Invite friends to install the software to get 1gb more data. You get 100MB of data when an invited user downloads and instals the app. Invite friends to download and use the service to earn up to 1Gb. No registration or speed limit is a benefit. No data limit and no adverts make the premium account desirable.

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